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  1. JPPT1974
    Happy Vacationing!
  2. Caleb Clark
    Caleb Clark
    Hello I came across West Coast Bible College and Seminary. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this school? It is in Waco, TX
  3. Caleb Clark
    Caleb Clark
    Have a question for you guys! Came across West Coast Bible College and Seminary. Anyone know anything about it? It is in Waco, TX
  4. ilovejesus123
  5. ilovejesus123
    ilovejesus123 Squire Robertsson
    Hello sir.
    I decided to post on your profile as you're an administrator hoping you could help me with this issue:
    For some reason I do not have allowance to comment on forum posts. This is what it says: You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    Thank you.
    1. Squire Robertsson
      Squire Robertsson
      Reported it to the sys admin for his action.
      May 22, 2017 at 11:23 AM
      ilovejesus123 likes this.
  6. Edgardo Crisostomo
    Edgardo Crisostomo
    I am a baptist Pastor in the Philippines, please help us to build the house of God> we pray for land and building.
  7. Steve Holt
    Steve Holt Revmitchell
    He RevMitchell... Years ago my wife had just gone through surgery and we rented Cozy Bear for a much needed cheap vacation. Do you still have the cabins and this ministry? My son is looking for a place near Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for his honeymoon? Let me know!
  8. JPPT1974
    Flowers of May!
  9. Dr. Bob
    Dr. Bob Pastor Coley
    If you are a Baptist, you may respond (reply) to any thread anywhere on the Baptist Board. If you are not a Baptist, about HALF of the threads are open to non-Baptists, so just "jump in".

    You will see at the bottom (after last post) of any thread topic a "Post Reply" box. Type away. :)

  10. Pastor Coley
    Pastor Coley Dr. Bob
    Dr. Bob , this is pastor coley, I would like to be able to respond to some threads, please advise, thanks
  11. JPPT1974
    Happy Mother's Day!
  12. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
    Pastor Nathaniel G komba rockytopva
    Thanks for keeping us in your prayers thanks
  13. JPPT1974
    May Flowers!
  14. LorenB
    About to end a 9 year excursion into public education. Looking for a ministry.
  15. PrmtvBptst1832
    PrmtvBptst1832 Jason1
    What is your denominational affiliation?
  16. Adonia
    Adonia Walter
    Found out about JohnDeerFan and his mocking/belittling style. I realized this very quickly and called him out on it. Then he comes back all innocent and everything. I told him I wasn't fooled.
    1. Walter
      He has posted in the same manner for years. I was a die hard Baptist when I first joined this board and he flipped out when I announced (along with others) that we were becoming Catholic. He can act very childish.
      Apr 28, 2017
  17. Adonia
    Adonia saved by grace
    I must say, your explanation of "graces that come from Mary" (the Mediatrix questions) was spot on. I am a cradle Catholic and have never heard it explained so clearly. Thanks!
  18. Paul C. Hwu
    Paul C. Hwu
    Landmark Doctrine is a heresy.
  19. JPPT1974
  20. Jonathan