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  1. ChrisTheSaved
    ChrisTheSaved Pastor_Bob
    Hey Bob, I see you don't have it listed you're a Baptist. Are you one? Just curious! Blessings.
  2. JPPT1974
    March Madness
  3. Kentuckymama
    Happy wife, happy life. Trying to serve the Lord the best I know how.
  4. JPPT1974
    Loving March
  5. phariswheel
    Please pray for my hip replacement surgery on March the 20th
  6. Flowerwil
    Hi all, blessed to be part of this group!
  7. phariswheel
    phariswheel I Am Blessed 24
    Hello everyone I'm blessed also I just join your forum. so that makes me feel so good.
  8. ChrisTheSaved
    ChrisTheSaved Greektim
    Did you ever figure out where Sam Gipp bought his degree from? He called himself Doctor the other day and it got me to thinking. I could find almost nothing about where he earned his degree.
  9. thatbrian
  10. thatbrian
  11. Hope4
    Looking for spiritual warfare advice
  12. Lcrider618
    Christian man, disabled veteran of Vietnam.
  13. Hope4
    Hope4 annsni
    I’m new to this site not really sure about posting etc..
    Needing prayers, advice, help!
    Apparently about a year ago my kid came in contact with a ouija board. Strength things have been happening since!
    Maybe you can help me to understand how to post so maybe I can find advice on handling this situation.
  14. JPPT1974
    Ready for Valentine's!
  15. Shane Eugene Simar
  16. PetraWil
    Hello all, Nice to be part of this group!
  17. Adonia
    Adonia BobRyan
    While I disagree with what you and the SDA profess, I just wanted to say that you have acted admirably in responding to all the posts that have been written concerning your faith tradition. I admire the steadfastness and acumen that you have showed in the past several days. God bless!
    1. BobRyan likes this.
    2. BobRyan
      Thank you Adonia. I never insist that we must agree on all points just that we should be able to state our case in a Christian manner and show that the beliefs that we state have support of scripture.
      Feb 13, 2018
  18. JPPT1974
    Fly Eagles Fly
  19. Yabruf
  20. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire Margaretjr
    Hi and welcome

    Are you Welsh... I ask because my great grandparents were from there