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"Thirty-day Baptists"

Discussion in 'Baptist History' started by Logos1560, Mar 3, 2024.

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    Oct 22, 2004
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    In his history of Baptists, Thomas Armitage wrote: "So common was it for the Churches to content themselves with one sermon a month, that these came to be known as 'Thirty-day Baptists,' and so ignorant or mean, or both, were many of them, that they thought it the absolute duty of their pastors to support themselves by a profession, by farming, or some other form of manual labor, and then prove their Apostolic calling by preaching for nothing. This class of Baptists took the greatest possible comfort in the thought that while the 'starched gentry' of the Standing Order peeled them by taxation, their pastors were strangers to 'filthy lucre'" (A History of the Baptists, Vol. II, p. 776).
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