I Am Blessed 24
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Jan 4, 2014
Jan 2, 2003
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Nov 16, 1944 (Age: 71)
Lincoln, Illinois ~ USA
Mom of 4 - Grandma of 16 - Great Grandma of 10

I Am Blessed 24

Administrator, 71, from Lincoln, Illinois ~ USA

I Am Blessed 24 was last seen:
Jan 4, 2014
    1. The American Dream
      The American Dream
      I was wondering if you could change my birthday. It has 1973 on my profile. I wish. I was born October 5, 1952. Thanks. I was in your town last summer looking up the home of my grandfather when he lived there. I got the address from your library. You have a fascinating town. We was a basketball coach at the local college in the 20s. Wilbur Townsend Woleben.
    2. Iconoclast
      OLD Regular has not been able to log into BB...can you contact him???
    3. One Baptism
    4. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      It has been seriously attacked by the Ebola virus which has caused a lots of deaths in our country.For the whole of the Christmas we are told to stay at home for a house to house search for sick people affected with Ebola urgent prayers are needed.
      If you want to know more about the crisis in sierra leone you can please contact me
    5. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Thanks for accepting me to be a part of the Baptist board please pray for our country Sierra Leone West Africa
    6. AVL1984
      Hi Sue! I'm finally on here again, and I hope that we are still friends. The Lord had to put me through the ringer a while back, but I'm still holding on and wanting to do what's right. God bless you...just thought I'd get in touch.
    7. Matt22:37-39
      do u remember me?
    8. Heavenly Pilgrim
      Heavenly Pilgrim
      So very sorry to hear about your health issues. I pray that you will heal fast and that God may be real to your heart! God bless you.

    9. agedman
      I see you are a parent, grandma and great grandma. How truly blessed you are!!!
    10. Heavenly Pilgrim
      Heavenly Pilgrim
      I Am Blessed, are you still active on this board? Thanks!

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    Nov 16, 1944 (Age: 71)
    Lincoln, Illinois ~ USA
    Mom of 4 - Grandma of 16 - Great Grandma of 10
    I Am Blessed 26
    I Am Blessed 26
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    Park Meadows Baptist Church
    Favorite Verse:
    II Timothy 1:7
    Statement of Salvation:
    God said it...that settles it!
    I was saved January 24, 1976. PTL!

    God, Family, Gardening, Reading, Crocheting


    :flower: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :flower:
    Your mind is your garden,
    Your thoughts are the seeds.
    If your life isn’t awesome...
    You’ve been watering the weeds!!!
    :flower: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :flower: