‘America’s Most Forgotten Families’ Speak Out

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    ............My daughter Christy had just turned 14-years-old when they found her murdered… She had been strangled, she had been stabbed, she had been raped, sodomized and they threw her nude body in the field in February in the rainy season. During this time, this person in ‘87 he had kidnapped two other 14-year-old girls and he had been caught and he was still on the streets. When he killed my daughter he left back to Mexico. He came and tried to kidnap a little 12- year-old girl at 7 o’clock in the morning on her way to school. He got away again. Now they finally got him after 25 years in Mexico. And man, it is hard to get somebody extradited from Mexico. They asked me what I thought about the relations between Mexico and the United States. And I told them: it’s great if you’re dealing tomatoes and bell peppers, but other than that, it’s nothing........

    ......Brenda Sparks, whose late son was raised by a legal immigrant from Honduras, told the audience that Trump is “the only one who has listened to us.” Sparks said that she is “voting for Trump because he wants to protect you.” Sparks’ 22–year-old son, Eric Zepeda, was murdered when he and his girlfriend were “mowed down” by an illegal alien driving without a license.


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