2005 Summer Youth Missions Project

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    Quoted from http://www.arministry.org/OcoeeMinistry.asp

    Ocoee Outreach is in the process of enrolling youth groups for the summer of 2005. The quote above was in reference to the 2004 program. Here are some links to additional information:

    Ocoee Outreach wesite

    The Bridge, NAMB website Ocoee Outreach information page

    If anyone is interested in more information, please email me at [email protected] , and I will send you a Word file that contains all the info. Or, you can email Randy Bonner, NAMB missionary & Church and Community Minstries Director, Bradley Baptist Association at [email protected] .

    The summer schedule is filling up fast. The work that the youth are involved with in this missions project is truly awesome...and the need is truly great. It is definately one summer mission trip that will not be soon forgotten.

    In Christ,

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