A Paraphrase Of The NASU ?

Discussion in 'Bible Versions/Translations' started by Rippon, Apr 27, 2007.

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    About 10 months ago I had asked a question . We know that Ken Taylor paraphrased the 1901 ASV into what became known as The Living Bible . The NLT1 and se are a far cry from TLB . They are quite better , still functionally equivalent but coming a lot closer to the formal end of the spectrum than TLB or Message . And they are not paraphrases .
    If the NASU ( updated in 1995 ) was paraphrased today -- how would it read ? To what modern version would it bear the closest relationship ?

    Do any of you paraphrase Scripture to gain an understanding of the text in your own words ? Of course this is done all the time in a sermon . Even KJVO'ers while delivering messages on actual content in their Bibles unavoidably have to paraphrase the words of KJV .

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