A politician gets to choose where to spend eternity

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    A politician died & was standing in front of the gates of Heaven. An angel approached him & said that you get to choose where you want to spend eternity. Both sides have worked things out. You have to spend one day in Hell, then spend one day in Heaven, & then you can decide where to you to go.

    The angel told the politician, "First, you'll have spend the day in Hell." He is taken to Hell. While there, he notices lots of beautiful women & everyone seems to be partying. He begins to think, "This isn't what I expected Hell to be like."

    The next day, the angel appears & takes the politican to Heaven. While there, everyone is dressed in white & playing a harp. There's no major partying going on.

    The next day, the angel came back to the politican & said, "Okay its time to make your decision. Where to you want to spend eternity?" The politician said,"You know, I never thought I would say this, but I thought it was kind of fun living in Hell. So I'd like to spend eternity in Hell." So the angel took him back to Hell & dropped him off.

    Only this time when he comes back he hears a lot of screaming. Nobody seems to be having a good time like before. He finds the Devil & asks him, "Where were all of the good looking women? What happened to the partying that was going on?"

    The Devil responds, " Yesterday, we were campaigning & today, you voted."

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