Aggressive Suspect Knocks out Cop .....

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by righteousdude2, Dec 22, 2014.

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    With all the protests and complaints about white cops and black suspects, this story and attached video will demonstrate just what our cops are facing every day when they go on shift.

    This man was confrontational and even after being tazed (first tase failed to get through his clothing); these cops showed TREMENDOUS restraint. I don't know if all cops are this way, but these men deserved to be given an award for taking more than they should have had to take from an angry, aggressive suspect! Personally, I think they went WAY OUT OF THEIR WAY to accommodate this suspect.

    My question to you folk is simple. Do you think these cops showed extraordinary patience in subduing the suspect? And would you expect all cops to take such punishment every time they face these belligerent suspects?

    Both videos are same; one may play the incident without long delayed buffer time, so use either one. I suspect this video will give you insight into what a cop is faced with every time someone resists arrest!
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    An aggressive suspect has nothing to do with cops killing unarmed black men unless you're trying to say that all black suspects are aggressive and therefore should be handled a bit differently than white suspects.

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