Al Qaeda leader urges holy war over Prophet film

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by Jedi Knight, Oct 13, 2012.

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    In Saturday’s audio recording, Al-Zawahri praised "honest and zealous" demonstrators who breached the U.S Embassy in Cairo and attackers who stormed the U.S. "embassy" in Benghazi.

    Separately, officials said this week that Al Qaeda is rebuilding in Iraq and has established training camps for insurgents in the nation's western deserts as the extremist group seizes on regional instability. Iraq has seen an increase in Al Qaeda attacks over the last 10 weeks, and officials believe most of the fighters are former prisoners who have either escaped from jail or were released by Iraqi authorities for lack of evidence after the U.S. military withdrawal last December. Many are believed to be Saudi or from Sunni-dominated Gulf states.

    Must be Al-Zawahri doesn't have tv in his cave. If he did he might have tuned into Romeny's speech where he pledged to increase Obama and NATO's support for Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that made the above attacks possible. If
    Al-Zawahri had any sense at all he'd be calling for all muslims in the United Sates to vote for Romney and take the increased funding.

    Al-Zawahri is a complete idiot about to bite the hand that feeds him or he's a CIA boogeyman asset being used to keep the phoney war on terror going forever like his predecessor.
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