Allegations: American generals delayed Kabul hospital abuse probe

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by Don, Jul 8, 2012.

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    I sat across a table from one of these two generals, as I presented him the facts regarding a delay in being able to provide equipment to the Afghans in preparation for the ramped-up operations in early 2010. He looked me in the eye and made the statement that he thought it was criminal to send troops into battle without the proper equipment. I agreed with him, and pointed out that I had given this briefing to my commander and the general's predecessor four months prior, and was told that "we'd make do with alternative methods." To his credit, this general went back to Congress and made a case, and suddenly our supply chain timeline decreased by six months.

    I have no doubt that there was an order to delay the investigation into the hospital procedures. The emphasis at the time was on the increased combat requirements ordered by the Obama administration (in order to "make a difference" in public opinion), and LTG Caldwell's marching orders were pretty clear: Do something to decrease the Taliban/Al Qaeda threat. Anything else detracted from that mission objective.
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    Everything with this CIC is about political gain for himself, including putting our troops lives in jeopardy.

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