Amish Child: Forced Chemo

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by Gina B, Oct 9, 2013.

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    The powers that be are forcing an Amish girl in Ohio to continue chemotherapy against her wishes and against her parents wishes.
    They say that since it is a matter of life and death, they get to decide that. The parents rights do not matter, and the wishes of the child do not matter.
    It is the ultimate act of unselfishness when a parent in this situation can step back, after all they could do to save her, and do what the child needs and wants to be comfortable rather than continue on at all costs. Sometimes, if you haven't been faced with that decision or the possibility of having to make it, that can be hard to understand, hard to say what you would do, but have you been there? Ever watched your child suffer in intense pain, ever had to ask yourself if prolonging their pain was for really for them, or was it for you because you'd miss them so much.
    The state has no right to force this on a child and family when both have decided it is not how they wish to proceed, then one must consider how much a person's mindset contributes to healing. Forcing an unwilling patient to undergo traumatic therapy is not conducive to healing - at all. This poor little child! Pray for her. Tons and tons.

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