"and before I'd go to church, I'd come here"

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    “In a mercenary world,” a waiting patient told me, “this place is an oasis.”

    Doc Dohner doesn’t believe in tossing things away, and that keeps costs down. The only thing modern in his office is medicine.
    Most of his nurses have been with him nearly as long as his furniture. They’re paid well because Doc works around the clock. He will go anywhere, at any time, to help those in need, often arriving before emergency crews. He once saved a small boy from smothering to death in a corncrib, once climbed down into a coal mine to help rescue four men.
    Dohner broke his own back a few years ago and has had a heart attack — the only times he’s ever closed his clinic. He took time off until patients started coming to his house seeking medical care.

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