antichrist suiting up??

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    Will Iran Deliver a Surprise on Aug. 22?

    Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s announcement that his country would respond on August 22 to Western demands regarding Iran’s nuclear program has worried observers asking: Why that date?

    Some of the speculation is troubling.

    A report that appears on the Web site and a number of blogs speculate:

    “Ahmadinejad is a strong believer in the Shiite tradition of a 12th imam, the so-called ‘hidden’ Imam Mahdi who Allah has miraculously kept alive since his disappearance in 874 A.D. As the story goes, Imam Mahdi will return at a time of great global chaos, oppression and bloodshed to usher in an era of (Islamic peace) justice.

    “Ahmadinejad sees himself as Allah’s instrument to pave the way for Imam Mahdi.”

    The report notes that August 22 of this year corresponds with the Islamic date of Rajab 28, the day Muslim warrior Saladin conquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders.

    “Taken in conjunction with Ahmadinejad’s stated desire to see Israel destroyed, it hardly seems a coincidence,” the report states, speculating that Ahmadinejad could attempt to bring about Imam Mahdi’s return by attacking Israel.

    The Web site has a different take on the Iranian deadline, saying that August 22 corresponds to a date on the Muslim calendar called Lailat Al Israa, “when Muhammad ascended to heaven from the Al Aqsa mosque to receive the five daily prayers. Later, Al Aqsa came to represent Jerusalem.

    “The Muslim commemoration is meant to be a night of struggle, accompanied by thunder and lightning … Ahmadinejad could be hinting to the West that he is preparing a major attack on Israel.”

    Isn't it interesting that he predicts 7 years of peace after global war? What better way to deceive the nations? The Bible shows us that there will be 7 years of tribulation, antichrist deceiving the nations during the first 3.5 years that he has all the answers and has come to bring world happiness.
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