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    Dear Visitor to,

    We are greatful for this spot on, for the discussion of "Website Design, Hosting, Graphics & Internet Applications."

    Our company name is PrincipleDesigns™. It is a combination of two words: "principled" and "designs." Our principles are the Word of God and our slogan is "Loyal to His Eternal Values." We have theological and practical articles on our site too! We discuss our principles which are in contrast with the world's principles, and, unfortunately so many "Christian" companies today.

    When you see our logo on our site, you may wonder why we have an upside-down p and an upright d. Our Christian business Mission Statement explains why: "As the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ turned the world upside down for Him with the Gospel, so too does PrincpleDesigns™ desire to turn the world's media design principles upside down for our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ."

    Our web-site is found at:


    We have a beautiful flash intro to our site - it's a must see - and make sure to turn on your speakers to hear the beautiful hymn.

    You can read two of our main articles at:

    The Theological Approach to Business and Design Principles

    The Practical Approach to Design Methods and Principles

    We also have our very own Gospel presentation on our site at:

    The Saviour's Call to the Kingdom of God

    Finally, make sure to see our main portfolio page:

    PrincipleDesigns™ Portfolio

    and our portfolio page for Bible Baptist Church of Nashua, NH:

    PrincipleDesigns™ Portfolio: Bible Baptist Church, Nashua, NH

    Kindest Regards,

    James Farley
    Owner & Web-developer

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