Black conservatives receive withering attacks...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rbell, Apr 6, 2010.

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    But remember...leftists are the "tolerant" ones.

    Riiiiight. Some of the garbage spewed at black conservatives would get large cities burned down, were it directed at other segments of the population.

    I'm so proud of folks who refuse to go along with the status quo...and think for themselves, even in the face of hateful attacks.

    Of course, the "refutations" that follow this post will either be...
    • An attack on George W. Bush (or an attempt to blame him for this);
    • A re-telling of the "racial insults by tea-partiers" story (which even after all this time, has not managed to find one iota of evidence). Keep in mind, though...Crabby knows "the truth," though he refuses to cash in his $100,000 prize offered for evidence of these "events;"
    • Some sort of linkage between "tea partiers," "hate groups," and "the Klan." (of course, there won't be any proof, but since when did that matter?)
    • The words, in no particular order, "right-wing," "hate," "racist," and some iteration of the phrase, "You lost, get over it;"
    • Some reference to "our democracy;" (really? Care to find that in the Constitution?)
    Anyhow...hope I didn't steal too much thunder from anyone.

    From the story...


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