"Bridge on the River Kwai"

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    I have long been a lover of classic movies and Bridge on the Kwai, featuring Wm Holden, Jack Hawkins and starring Sir Alec Guinness is one of my favorites and I have watched it numerous time. I see Alec Guinness as both a hero and a villian. As an officer he is extremely concerned for the welfare and morale the troops while on the other hand he is unknowingly aiding and abetting the enemy. I see a good analogy of a lot of believers that with good intention are doing the same in the kingdom of God. This is done all with good intent while thay are ignorant of the real consequences of their involvement it is certainly damageing to the cause of Christ. This applies to preachers as well as lay persons.
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    This condition is rampant in the church and I believe that the reason is mostly because of the lack of proper teaching from the pulpit today. I was just thinking of some of the terms that come from the pulpits today that are totally non-biblical and causes people to stray from the truth.
    The sad thing is that even when they are pointed out as being incorrect people still hold fast to them because of our stuborn hearts. However in the end I am convinced that the blame falls back onto the leadership just like it did under the OT leaders.

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