Conflicted over Im Not Ashamed movie

Discussion in 'TV Shows and Movies' started by Doeroftheword80, Oct 8, 2016.

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    A few months ago I went to a movie and saw a preview for a movie called "Im not Ashamed" the story of Rachel Scott" I have heard the story many times however I have heard it was a different girl who said yes she believed in God in columbine. I am a Christian and I love Pureflix movies and love the message it sends however i come away with a heavy heart and wondering if this film needs made. I understand it happened but the facts arent all there. From My own understandings that two girls said the exact same thing and there is a conflict on whose story it is that is truth. The other issue I have is how much can they honestly show when it comes to the school shooting and such. I imagine the parents and those living in Columbine are needing comfort but i just find myself conflicted about this

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