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    As a former teacher of American history and a lover of that time period, here's what I know about the Sons of Liberty (and the Daughters of Liberty).

    Without them, there would have been no rebellion. They forged this mindset of independence, not with swords, but words.....changing the mindset of the people. Yes, as they later "came out", there was violence, but the initial surge of rebellion was born from words.

    One of the members of the Sons of Liberty, James Otis, coined the phrase "no taxation without representation". His sister, Mercy Otis Warren, was a staunch supporter of the Daughters of Liberty.

    At the time of abuse of power of King George, there was nothing going on in the thirteen colonies except ineffectual fence-sitting. The Sons and Daugthers of Liberty climbed down from the fence and not only took a stand for Patriotism, but led rebellions such as stirring open defiance and boycotting.

    One of their more influential members, Patrick Henry, could wield a mere sentence like other men could wield guns and swords.

    I have always believed that Americans should celebrate a "Patrick Henry Day".
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