Do Canadian Students Have Any Right to Free Expression?

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    ........."Earlier this year, 2010 Pro-life activist of the year Ruth Lobo and a fellow pro-life student sued Carleton University officials after they were arrested (click for video) for holding a peaceful Genocide Awareness Project event on their campus. Carleton University is by any objective measure the equivalent of a “public” university in the United States. Yet, Carleton argues in Court pleadings that the school is not subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ protection of freedom of expression because it is not a “government” entity that must honor these student rights. Under Carleton’s reading of the Charter, the protections for freedoms of expression, association, etc. are inapplicable to universities and students have no constitutional protection for their expression on campus at Carleton and other similarly “public” universities. Today in Ottawa, ADF Allied Attorney Albertos Polizogopoulos will defend against Carleton’s motion to dismiss the case. Prayers are solicited. A decision will likely come in several weeks. ".......

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