El Loco goes home

Discussion in 'Politics' started by church mouse guy, Feb 20, 2013.

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    As you know, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, derisively known as El Loco, returned from Cuba to Caracas a couple of days ago. The dictator went to Cuba on December 11 for a cancer operation at Castro's communist hospitals. It seemed an unlikely medical treatment center so it had to have been chosen for propaganda and security purposes. Who do you think paid for all the special arrangements in bankrupt Havana?

    Anyway, El Loco is not well because he went right to a hospital when he got off the airplane. He has missed his January 10 scheduled inauguration, but he is in effect President for life, as you know.

    I myself wonder why we still buy oil from Venezuela?

    Fox news had a story online yesterday if you would like more details:


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