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    I hear often in here that the Emergent Church or Emerging Movement is either dead or of no significance any more. I have done a little research on the web and maybe it is in decline or, it is not called Emergent any more.


    The same characters of McLaren, Padget and Tickle are still on the scene. After watching some of this video link, I'm assuming they have moved out of the church building and have become a very different identity all together. They really like to have a beer in hand whatever they do. But one thing sadly remains the same with them. They don't ever make any claims of certainty about doctrine or scripture. They don't want any of that, they want to be as flexible as can be in all areas of ecclesiology.

    I think now that they have stopped (in the most part) trying to change the visible church and become an entity all their own, we don't hear much from them or we don't care. They still are very heretical in many ways and we must still warn others as much as we warn of Mormonism or Catholicism. Any thoughts?
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