Ethics Watchdog Seeks Records on White House Officials, Failed Olympics Bid

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    A conservative government watchdog group filed a lawsuit seeking records on the White House’s bid to hold the Olympic Games in Chicago.

    The ethics watchdog Judicial Watch announced Thursday that it had filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s office. The city failed to provide the information requested under the Chicago Freedom of Information law, according to Judicial Watch.......

    ........Judicial Watch filed its records request on Sept. 5, and the mayor’s office acknowledged its receipt on Oct. 1 and granted itself an additional seven days for processing. However, the mayor’s office failed to abide by the deadline, according to Judicial Watch........

    ..........“Mayor Daley’s illegal refusal to release documents about the Olympics bid is a rather transparent effort to protect President Obama and other key White House officials,” Fitton said.

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