Faith----a profound subject

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    Faith can be so simple and yet so profound. The founder and President of our mission told me more than once, "The hardest thing you'll ever do is believe God." Boy was he right!

    I think that the reason faith is so hard is because we lose control. I don't know about you, but I like control. I like to control what I eat, where I go, etc. But with God, we are to let go and give it all to Him in faith. Sometimes my faith is strong; sometimes it's weak. I suppose it goes along with the ups and downs of just plain being a human.

    What are your thoughts on faith?
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    I like a President of Dallas Seminary once said,"Faith is saying something is so,even though it's not so,in order that it may be so". I have experienced God moving in my life in mountain moving ways because I would wait and listen for Him to show me the way. If I run off and do my own way and not sit at his feet"bible study,praying ect." for instructions......:tonofbricks:
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