FCC Commissioner: ‘Unprecedented Involvement Of Executive Branch In Our Decision-Maki

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    WASHINGTON — Republican Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Ajit Pai hosted a press conference on Tuesday to discuss with reporters about his concern about President Obama’s proposal “to regulate the internet.” Pai cited concerns ranging from the proposal causing heavy-handed FCC regulations on the internet to the plan being a “gift to trial lawyers.”

    Under the idea of net neutrality the president, along with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, is pushing the plan forward prior to the Feb. 26 FCC vote on the matter. However, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson appears concerned about the influence the White House may have on the agency decision making with this policy. Johnson sent a letter to the commission requesting information on the issue, as did House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

    Johnson told reporters after Pai’s presser, “We certainly want to find out to what extent [WHEELER’S] change of heart was actually his own or whether there was influence by the White House. [The FCC] is supposed to be an independent agency and so we’re trying to find the information. We want to find the communication between himself and the White House—his agency and the White House and see whether this truly was an independent act.”


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