Four Arrested in Stolen Explosives Case

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    ALBUQUERQUE - Four men, including two brothers, were taken into custody Friday by federal authorities in connection with the theft of 400 pounds of explosives from a storage depot southwest of Albuquerque.

    The men, whose names were not immediately released, all face federal charges, including possession of stolen explosives. Federal authorities were processing a crime scene in a remote area of New Mexico late Friday, but Mangan did not release any details.

    The explosives were reported stolen Sunday from Cherry Engineering's storage depot eight miles southwest of New Mexico's largest city. According to police records, a blowtorch was used to cut locks....

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    Apr 26, 2005
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    from the Associated Press;
    The brothers, Leslie Brown, 44, of Ignacio, Colo., and David Brown, 49, of Bloomfield, face federal charges including possession of stolen explosives and felons in possession of stolen explosives, Dixie said.

    The explosives were intact and it did not appear that anyone had tried to use them, authorities said. Tom McClenaghan, special agent in charge of the Albuquerque FBI, said the brothers did not have experience to use such explosives.
    Two others have also been charged but have not been named.
    Kinda scary stuff.

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