Getting education God chooses to use.

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    I was converted in Tim LaHaye's Scott Memorial Baptist Church in San Diego when I was 19....57 years ago. I entered Linda Vista Baptist BC/Sem .(now defunct) on a trial basis as I never graduated from high school. I finished a BA in Bible and ThB there. From there I completed two teaching credentials: one in English from the Univ of San Diego and one in teaching Special education in Oregon State. I taught public school for 35 years. But my real love was Theology. So I did the MA in Religion from Point Loma Nazarene (then Pasadena College), completed requirements for the MDiv, followed by the Th.M. with Western Seminary (Portland). From there I entered the Doctorate in Systematic Theology with Unizul in 2001 and finished that in 2005 one year after retiring from public school teaching. Up to then I was just satifying my love for Biblical-Theological study, but in 2006 I joined the faculty of the South African Theological Seminary and supervised both doctoral and masters students and supervised up to six courses at a time. But after a debiltating stroke and heart attack this January, my SATS load is reduced to teaching one ThB Honours course. God DOES NOT require any one's education to advance His plan or KIngdom, but I thank Him that He has graciously allowed me to use mine. When it comes to learning, let's do our very best for Christ! Bill Grover.
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    Bro. Bill,

    I am sorry to hear of your debilitation.

    Thanks for the true words.

    I have just retired from the college classroom after 19 years of teaching. That was just three weeks ago. I started back just two weeks later teaching and leading a Spiritual Formations for Ministry here at another denominational seminary. I started preaching at a local rescue mission and have been appointed to a missions position at Wycliffe. We will travel to Orlando for orientation in Oct. I say amen to what you have said above. I think that my two masters in religion and my DMin from an accredited university has done me well. You and I have always agreed on our understanding of what formal education for ministry meant and what God can do for one who gives himself to the ministry.

    I pray God you will improve and be given many more opportunities to serve.

    God speed!

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