Gov Romney did not pay any income tax

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Salty, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Henry Reid (I will not disrespect he Upper House by calling Reid Senator) said on the floor that Romney has not paid any income tax. Now the Dems are running ads that say he paid only 14% of his 20 million income to taxes.

    First of all the Dems cant even agree on the mis-truth.
    Second, lets look at the real numbers. Just how much does that 14% really mean: Romney actually paid 2.8 million dollars to the IRS. That is not exactly chump change. By the way - he also gave 5 million dollars to charity. (prior to running for POTUS Obama only gave about 1%)

    Lets look at some tax facts:
    A single man pays no income tax on his first $9500 he makes (rate of $182/week)
    A couple pays no income tax on their first $19,000 they make (rate of 365 / week)
    A couple with two children pays no income tax on the first $26,400 (rate of $507 / week)

    So a lot folks (about 40% ) pay no income tax.

    Romney paid nearly 3 million dollars - wonder why the Dems don't give that fact

    See link here
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    Some in his inner circle cheated on theirs, notably the Sec. of Treasury, Geithner!

    Democrats are very charitable with other peoples money. The truth is that most are socialists, especially the political class and the welfare cheats!

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