Korean hen-pecked husbands

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    In our country...the women are too much for us. Do you remember the story of the hen-pecked husband?

    ...the story of that magistrate in Korea of ancient times who suffered because his wife was master in the house. The magistrate called together all the men of his district and explained his predicament. Then he asked those men who also were pan-kwan, or henpecked, to move to the right side of the hall. All moved except one man, and he moved to the left. The others were surprised to see even one man at the left and the magistrate praised the man, declaring that he was the symbol of what men should be.

    "Tell us," the magistrate commanded him, "how it is you have achieved such independence."

    The man was a small timid fellow and,surprised, he could only stammer a few words, explaining that he did not know what all this was about and he was obeying his wife, who bad him always to avoid crowds.

    From The Living Reed, A Novel of Korea by Pearl S. Buck

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