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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Aaron, Feb 13, 2016.

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    A recent discovery is "making waves." Two black holes collided a billion of years ago, and the shock waves just got to us--ripples in space-time. Trekkies everywhere are messing their pants.

    But that's not the real news. The fanfare is for Einstein. "He was right! He was right!"

    Why is that news? I mean, who doubted? None of us non-physicists did. We were always told he was right. And I side with St. Augustine of Hippo, who 1600 years ago cautioned his students against presuming that the scientists of his day had everything wrong.

    There is real science, but then there is cosmology. Physicists aren't disagreed over the raw data. They're disagreed over the interpretations thereof and the presumptions upon which their interpretations are based. PRESUMING the velocity of light in a vacuum is constant, IGNORING the contradictions in the Special and General theories of Relativity, ASSUMING a host of other things beyond the scope of experiment and observation, gravitational waves in the space-time-ether have been discovered. (Yes, I just jabbed the Relativists)

    But just as the advent of the Internet, alternative sources of news and self-publishing have made it nearly impossible for the Dems to keep their rears covered, the scientific societies are having a hard time keeping their quarrels from busting through the windows and into the streets. And the disagreement really is among the physicists. The rest of us love Doctor Who and Star Trek and are hyperventilating over the prospect of warp drive and time travel being a real possibility, so you Einstein haters had better tread softly.

    But whether or not the waves are in a luminiferous ether or space-time, what's it matter except to Trekkies and the makers of chalk sticks?

    It might determine the next Supreme Court decision . . .
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    I'm already picking out the paint for the gravimetric field displacement manifolds.

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    I understand - Syracuse University was involved

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