Mark Cuban’s ‘Two-Minute Guide to Understanding’ Donald Trump

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Revmitchell, Aug 24, 2015.

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    ...The word “killer,” Cuban said, is Trump’s “most important word.” If you are not a killer, Trump doesn’t respect you, and that’s why he’s willing to criticize of the other candidates from either party.

    “There is no one running that can stand up to him. He knows it. That’s why he isn’t leaving anytime soon. He smells the kill,” Cuban wrote.

    The billionaire entrepreneur said Trump approaches problems differently than others; he said Trump looks at any issue like a business one and asks how he can solve it.

    “Like most ultra-successful people he sees solutions and thinks it’s a matter of effort to go from concept to result,” Cuban said. “He knows he could fail. But he will deal with that when he gets there.”

    Cuban’s third and final point to understanding Trump was one that he says the “media doesn’t understand” because they look for the “fallout.” Trump, on the other hand, searches for the applause.

    “He knows everyone hates every politician, so no matter what he says, as long as ratings and bodies are there, he is winning,” Cuban wrote.

    Cuban still said it’s “way too early” to tell whether he’ll vote for Trump and predicted that the “odds are against” him becoming the next president. But at least for the next five weeks, “it will be a fun sport to watch.”
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    Hmmm...let's look at some people that were successful businessmen and then became president.

    George W. Bush (oil and MLB owner)
    George H.W. Bush (oil)
    Jimmy Carter (peanut farmer)
    Herbert Hoover (mining)
    Warren G. Harding (newspapers)
    Andrew Johnson (tailor)

    You see anyone on that list that is considered to be a good president? Perhaps George Bush Sr., otherwise, no. It would seem that having a business background is a predictor of a bad president.
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    Kill.....hahaha........that guy is a pawn. LOL....."killer " Trump .....more like hump....tooo funny.

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