Michael Martin Murphey's "Buckaroo Blue Grass" CD Set for Release

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    Michael Martin Murphey's "Buckaroo Blue Grass" CD Set for Release

    Rural Rhythm Records is very proud to announce the upcoming new album release by one of the world's most respected singer-songwriters in the Pop and Country as well as, today's No. 1 Selling Cowboy Music Singer, Michael Martin Murphey.

    The new album, "Buckaroo Blue Grass" is scheduled for release on February 10, 2009. Michael's son, Ryan Murphey produced the album, wrote all arrangements, sang harmony vocals and played rhythm guitar. The CD includes several new songs and many Michael Martin Murphey classics performed with some of music's top bluegrass and acoustic pickers, Sam Bush, Rob Ickes, Ronnie McCoury, Andy Leftwich, Pat Flynn, Charlie Cushman with background vocals by Rhonda Vincent. "Michael is an amazing writer and we all enjoyed making acoustic versions of these incredible hit songs. I congratulate him on the new album," said Rob Ickes.

    The new song "Lone Cowboy" which truly defines the album's title "Buckaroo Blue Grass" and Murphey's classic song, "Carolina in the Pines" are set for a bluegrass radio release on Rural Rhythm Records' Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks No. 3 radio compilation CD the last week in November.

    - rest at http://newsblaze.com/story/20081125131946zzzz.nb/topstory.html
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