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    Dean Martin had a nose job on August 16th 1946. By most accounts Lou Costello (of Abbot and Costello) paid for it.

    Dead and Jerry were on the same billing in Feb. of 1946, but weren't yet working as a team.

    Bob Dylan went by the name of Elston Gunn for two dates with Bobby Vee in 1959 playing piano and the harmonica.

    Early names for the Beatles : Johnny and the Moondogs, Beatals and Silver Beatles.
    The name "Beatles" wasn't so unique. Don't you remember Buddy Holly and the Crickets? The Beatles liked the Crickets --kind of an intra-species thing.

    Speaking of the Beatles --they wanted to be regarded as the British Everly Bros.

    Simon and Garfunkel were known as Tom and Jerry for their song :"Hey Schoolgirl." in 1957.

    Rocket 88 was recorded in 1951 by Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm. Some reckon it to be the first rock n' roll song. Yes, Ike Turner --of Ike and Tina Turner later on.

    For a year and a half when Elvis Presley just got in the business he was not the headliner. Some other performers who were featured ahead of him: Jim Ed Brown (just died a few days ago) and his sister Maxine, Roy Acuff, The Carters, Grandpa Jones, Stringbean, Ferlin Huskey, Faron Young, and Hank Snow. The latter had a rough time of it. Elvis was so popular that Snow found it hard to follow the Memphis Flash.

    So how about the rest of you? Do you have any show biz trivia to share?

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