My Christmas Poem: from sis

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    For Ben

    You have a little brother I hear our Daddy say.
    I wonder what a brother was as I went to play.

    And soon I saw our Mommy with a bundle wrapped in blue.
    I thought it was a gift for me. Oh, if I only knew.

    Now fifty years have come and gone. We both have changed and grown.
    I’ve learned just what a brother is from all the ways you’ve shown.

    A brother, when he’s little, can’t do very much.
    I would hug and kiss and squeeze you when Mom would let me touch.

    Then you learned to walk and talk and get in to my toys.
    I must admit that there was a time I disliked little boys.

    Like when you took my Barbies and pulled of all their heads.
    I wished that I never heard what Mom and Dad first said.

    But then there are so many things you so that I enjoy.
    You are my friend, my confidant. Now I like little boys.

    You have been my special friend, my protector from bad boys.
    Remember when you decked a guy that tried to steel my joy?

    You’ve held my hand when times were hard and when I was afraid.
    You understand the tears I cry and messes I have made.

    I wrote this down so you would know how much you mean to me,
    I love you more than words can say and more than you can see.

    You’ve been with me through many things, good times and even when
    Times were bad and sad. I know you’ll be there ‘till the end.

    Most important we have learned that God is always there.
    To comfort and guide us and give us love to share.

    One day we’ll be in heaven, together for all time.
    And while this is the greatest gift, I know one more is mine.

    For God gave me a special gift before I even knew,
    A brother I have always loved. My blessing that is you.


  2. Barnabas H.

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    Jul 1, 2000
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    Now that is wonderful. :thumbs:
  3. John Toppass

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    Aug 12, 2008
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    Now that is worth sharing.:flower:

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