NCT Exegesis of Matthew 5:17ff

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    I am curious to know if there are any brothers on the Baptistboard that hold to New Covenant Theology and would be willing to answer some exegetical questions that I have concerning the exegesis of Matthew 5:17ff. To see what I believe to be an excellent critique of current presentations of this verse see here.

    It is my understanding that NCT generally understands our Lord to be teaching that OT laws prophetically pointed to the teachings of Christ. In other words, you have NT laws 'fulfilling' (vs. 17;pleroo) OT laws. Mr. Welty, in the article above, points out that Matthew never uses this word to refer to a "teaching" fulfilling a prophecy, but rather it is always the life and actions of Jesus. This would make this the only instance in Matthew and the entire Bible for that matter where this word is used in this fashion.

    I am curious to know how some of you understand this. Thanks to any of you brothers that will take the time to work through this.
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