New Book About Bill Monroe

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    New Bill Monroe book
    Posted By Richard Thompson On 6th September 2008 @ 12:50


    September is very significant in the life of Bill Monroe, inasmuch as it is the month when he was born (September 13, 1911), and and the one in which he passed away (September 9, 1996).

    Recently, I learned of a new book about Bill Monroe that was published yesterday, Bill Monroe & Friends, written by Javonda (Charlene) Smith, one of Monroe’s closest friends during some of his later years. How appropriate that she has chosen September for its release.

    Inside the life of Bill Monroe, as the book is sub-titled, is a collection of black and white photographs, taken from various sources, including the author’s own collection, and from Denise Painter and Scott Farnum, predominantly. The author provides extended captions with background information.

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