New Marriage and Family Radio Show

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    The show is called Give and Take and will be hosted by Joe Beam. This weekly radio show (Sunday 6-9PM) will discuss issues dealing with relationships ranging from marriage to dating from a Christian perspective. It starts Sunday, January 6.

    The show will consist of live call-in sessions that allow listeners to receive helpful advice from Joe Beam concerning their relationships. Joe gently but firmly shows people how they can improve or even save their relationships or, in dating situations, help people determine if continuing a relationship is best for them. Joe will also discuss polls and surveys carried out on the web site.

    The station reaches from Nashville into 23 states. The easiest way to listen is to go to and mark it in your favorite places. Then, visit Sunday night at 6 to listen online or after church if you are attending at that time (you can get the last two hours).

    I am the webmaster for the show and will also be doing the voices of some comical characters on the show. I hope as many of you as possible will listen!


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