No way Jose! Mi casa no es suya

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    I knew They'd Find a Way Around Granting Citizenship!


    I just knew if our Community-Organizer-in-Chief had enough time, he'd find a way around our immigration laws, a way to avoid deporting the children, the gangsters, and the adults! Claiming refugee status for the Hondurans is just the beginning. If that works, and it will, then he will apply this remedy to the rest of Central and South Americans' coming across the border illegally. I think Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he put out that "Come one, come all, message!

    Why not apply this refugee status to the Asians, Canadians and Africans too? Aren't they all refugees in some long shot of a way of thinking?

    In Bell, CA the feds are giving money to the city to collaborate with the Salvation Army to convert an unused wherehouse into a holding shelter. It will take a year to finish this project, which means this problem isn't going away ANYTIME soon?

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