Obama Counting on the Also Ran Votes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by righteousdude2, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Obama is counting on the votes that will go to the also rans, to lift him past McCain in November. Because Obama and McCain are so close [in recent polls] the DNC are pulling for the Undecided and Evangelical voters to go to the little known candidates. Should these folks glean a large percentage of the undecideds that may have gone to McCain, Obama will win this election.

    Think twice about wasting a vote on a candidate that has no chance of winning. We can't afford to let BHO win just to make a point, or, send a message. Use those "make a point votes" to elect new and fresh faces to congress and the senate in the next four years. This is where we can make a change in the direction of this nation. Christian leaders in the senate and congress will bring back the glory days of America.

    Who knows, maybe some of you smart, intelligent forum members of the BB should run for office to get your ideas off the web and into action->->->->->:thumbsup:


    Pastor Paul:type:

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