Obama: US Iraq policy imperils Israel

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ben W, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Mar. 2, 2007 21:15*|*Updated Mar. 2, 2007 22:41
    Obama: US Iraq policy imperils Israel

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday blamed Bush administration failings in Iraq for strengthening the strategic position of Iran, which he says must be stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons.

    The Illinois senator said that means "direct engagement" with Iran similar to the meetings with the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

    "A consequence of the Administration's failed strategy in Iraq has been to strengthen Iran's strategic position; reduce US credibility and influence in the region; and place Israel and other nations friendly to the United States in greater peril," according to a text of a speech Obama was set to deliver to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

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    Ben, B. Hussein Obama is such a hypocrite on this issue. We have all known that Iran was working on the atomic bomb since the 1979 revolution there. We also know that Iran plans to bomb Israel as soon as possible.

    In the war against the terrorists, Bush first attacked the Taliban and then opened a front in Iraq. Both fronts are still active and dangerous.

    The front in Iraq threatens Iran greatly.

    However, B. Hussein wants to abandon the front in Iraq and even voted against it. Now he implies that he wants to attack Iran or he implies that Iran is a bigger threat and therefore Iraq should be abandoned. However, he has never been in favor of the war in Iraq, so I don't know how he would pressure Iran any better. Didn't his Islamic father tell him about the Sunnis and the Shiites? I really have to think that his iron-fisted attack against the Clintons a few days ago shows that we are dealing with just another Chicago machine politician.

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