Paranoid about cancer.

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness' started by Wanderer, May 4, 2016.

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    Not sure what to do, I don't have insurance and have been out of work for the last couple years because my wife was in a horrible car accident (not her fault). She needed care while recovering from multiple surgeries and has permanent brain injury (seizures and memory loss).

    Anyways, 3 years ago this May 13th my father passed away from cancer, and 11 days later my wife's father was diagnosed with the same aggressive cancer that took his life 5 days after my wife's accident April 2015.

    Lately (last 2 years), I've had pain in my upper right shoulder blade where a large mole is located. Did have my Doctor look at it last year and he felt it looked fine and nothing to worry about, although, did mention it would be a good idea to have a specialist look at it.

    Also, last October I was hospitalized for internal bleeding, back pain, and stomach pain. Long story shot all this was caused by a miss diagnosis and wrong medication. Nonetheless, while admitted they did discover my gallbladder is completely trashed, and that is what was causing such severe back pain. Which in turn caused the miss diagnosis and given the wrong medication that eventually game me a duodenal ulcer.

    After doing some research it turns out having a bad gallbladder for extended periods of time can be bad for health. Which is why I am worried - I had the same back pain since 14 years of age, and has been on and off, while also causing me to miss some school when younger. From age 15-19 it never bothered me, that is until enlisting into the military and while doing basic training it was causing major issues. During this time, no Doctor could figure what was causing my pain.

    Fast forward 10 years and everything is fine other than my Asthma decided it no longer was going to remain dormant. Around 29 years of age while working for a local home improvement store, pain would randomly come and go. Thought nothing of this pain other than its been a while and how convenient to show up again - especially because a rare spinal disease runs on my mothers side of the family, and its this very reason why they gave me the wrong medication thinking it was back pain, and not some underlying condition.

    Then everything dawned on me two days ago, that all my back pain that has caused much grief over the course of my life has been my gallbladder, same location, same feel, etc. Would make perfect sense as to why since my middle teens I've always been very tired and low energy which in-turn caused weight gain on and off over the years. I would fluctuate randomly from an appropriate weight to nearly 70 pounds extra some years.

    Now with all this said, I am concerned/worried, and not sure what to do. Don't have insurance, wife is still in full recovery mode, and slowly getting better.
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    Have you checked out the obamocare insurance. The few that I know that are using it and are low income, have very low monthly payments due to the subsidies available. They also take you with pre-existing conditions from what I understand.
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    Pray to God and get help from your church. Did you see a Dermatologist? I saw one because I also have moles, but the Dermatologist said they are nothing to worry about, but I do need to be checked every year.

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