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    I found this link this afternoon. It's REALLY good. It's not a long link and both times that I have read it, I thought, "WOW! That would make a great sermon!"

    It's about what loving your enemies really means. It has lots of scripture as to why we are to love people and how we are to view those who mistreat us. It has all kinds of practical ways to go about doing this and ways to take the focus off of us and our pity-party and it has a self-reflection portion.

    I come across links all of the time that I think about posting here for you guys and then I say...."Oh,well" ....and then I don't do it.

    But this one was just too good not to bring to your attention for a potential sermon for your congregations.

    PHHBBBTTTT!!!! :tongue3: I forgot the link!! LOL!! Here it is.

    Loving Your Enemies
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