Peace that passes understanding

Discussion in 'Politics' started by just-want-peace, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Folks, I was extremely disappointed with the outcome of this election.

    I don't foresee any good for this nation for a quite spell; if at all in my lifetime (I'm 72 now).

    However, yesterday AM (Wednesday) as I was praying about this situation, God gave me a peace that was uncanny!!!!

    I have no idea how that "peace" translates into reality, (O being far better than I envision, O becoming a dedicated Christian and responding in like manner to his new job, the rapture coming tomorrow, the conservative base realigning and making a comeback, -- OR something totally alien to my desires) but I DO know that whatever, it's gonna be fine cause He is still the controlling force in the universe, and I'm content with whatever He sees fit to do or not do.

    Don't misunderstand, I don't say I'm gonna like it all, but I do know that whatever He chooses, I will accept willingly, and I ain't gonna fret about it!!!

    May God grant all of you this peace that I have; both the mourners AND the rejoicers!!!

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