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    What is Podcasting?

    In its most popular form, podcasting is a way for people to selectively subscribe to audio content over the Internet. This audio content can then be automatically downloaded to a computer or mobile device, like iPod. Think of it as a radio show that you can listen to whenever and wherever you want — only it’s much more than that.

    Podcasting uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to deliver the content, providing a summary for new content on a website.

    Taking podcasting to school

    With more and more educational content being developed for and delivered through podcasting, educators and students have on-the-go access to audio ranging from curriculum-related content to professional development shows.

    Podcasting is also a way for teachers and students to publish and distribute content. Imagine a science instructor posting daily assignments and recorded lectures from class to a website that provides an RSS feed. Students can subscribe to the feed from home and have their class assignments and content sync with their iPods, taking them wherever they go.


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