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Discussion in 'Music Ministry' started by mountainrun, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Check this site out... for those of you who need to practice a song quite a bit before you can sing it well enough to bring honor to the Lord.

    Like me. :laugh:

    There are maybe a couple of hundred of the most well-known praise and worship songs in the library and you can play them on Realplayer and sing along until you get it right.

    You have to download a Scorch plugin, but it's right on the site.

    Our choir only meets one hour a week but we can use this site and we sound like we practice together every day.

    I'd post this where more members could check it out but it would probably get moved here before they could see it.

    If we're going to praise the Lord in song, we should at least sound like we mean it. :thumbs:


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