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    You know we beat each other up on these theological issue. It is challenging and rewarding to me because it forces me to re-consider, study and re-thing doctrine. I have to say I enjoy it.

    The practical side is where we walk each day. Let me share this with you as we remember Brother Bob in our prayes. Don't forget to spend time specifically with our Heavenly Father today. He loves me but He loves you too. We are family so reach out and give Jesus a big hug and tell Him how much you love Him.

    Recently we found out my Mom had Alzheimer’s Disease and has just recently broken her hip. Her short term memory is gone. She laughs and cries a lot. She loves the Lord but she is still human and express it.

    I am reminded of Broth Bob's request for prayer and his heart condition. Are you going through some valleys in your life? All of us would be more than bless to have the privilege to pray on your behalf for you. We can all gather around our Fathers table and ask - this He want us to do.

    Here is a good heart warming hymn to listen to this morning

    On the practical side of our faith we have to deal with everyday life.

    Here is a site that will greatly increase your knowledge concerning

    Alzheimer’s Disease That Will Get Your Attention.

    The long term memory of God’s word you store in your mind may be your most precious memory if you face this disease.

    Practical Christianity touches everyone of us. My prayer is that God will richly bless all of you. Our heavenly Father knows we are feeble, fickle and many other things but as His own we are to love one another and pray for each other. I know that if you love our Lord you do just that, because you are compelled to do so.


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