Ranking the SEC’s top 10 wide receivers of the BCS era

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    1. Percy Harvin, Florida (2006-08)
    Receiving stats: 133 catches, 1,929 yds, 13 TDs
    Rushing stats: 1,852 yds, 19 TDs
    Skinny: Harvin still remains the most electrifying playmaker in recent memory. Maybe he wasn’t the best pure receiver, but he was the definition of a playmaker. Harvin is the only player on the list who went 1,000/1,000 for his career, and he was Urban Meyer’s all-purpose animal. He could have played several positions on the field and excelled, because he was that gifted. No other player on this list combines the ability, size, speed or agility as Harvin, and to this day he – along with Tavon Austin – got to top speed faster than any player.

    7. Jabar Gaffney, Florida (2000-01)
    Receiving stats: 138 catches, 2,375 yds, 27 TDs
    Skinny: Gaffney sits 7th in SEC history with 27 receiving touchdowns, but he was electric in the Fun ‘N Gun offense. He was a first-team All-SEC and first-team All-American in 2000-01. He was a second-round pick with the Texans in 2002.

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