Retired General Westmoreland Dead

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    Retired General William C. Westmoreland died yesterday. He was Commander of Military Assistance Command Vietnam (in charge of all military activities in Viet Nam) and later US Army Chief of Staff.

    Gen. William Westmoreland Dies at 91

    Vietnam War Gen. Westmoreland Dies

    Vietnam-era commander Westmoreland dead

    He was a good man, a good leader, and good American who devoted a full 40 years to honorable military service to his country including service in World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam. He, like many of us, knew the US military won the war in Viet Nam but was deeply disappointed that the war was lost for other reasons. He was a Christian man, devoted to his family, and deeply loved his country. He lived a long life of 91 years.

    I hope to give him a salute and shake his hand in Heaven some day.

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