Ron Paul Campaign Out-Fundraises Texas GOP

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    The poor little Republican Party Establishment. The Democrats wallopped the Republicans in 2006. Ron Paul is causing them headaches in 2007. The Democrats will wallop them again in 2008. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Sources close to the Ron Paul (R-Tex) presidential campaign point out gleefully that in a single night Ron Paul took in more money -$102,000 - than the entire GOP apparatus did with its convoluted “first ever” straw poll - $97,500.

    The recent Texas straw poll reportedly charged $75 a head for voting rights and while GOP officials had expected 2,000 to vote, only 1300 reportedly did. Meanwhile, Ron Paul, who finished third in the highly restrictive straw poll, had his most successful fund raiser ever in Texas. The congressman raised $102,000 at a fund raiser hosted by the Highland Park Huffines family.


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