Second Planned Parenthood Abortion Ctr Staffer Suspended After Rape Coverup

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    Indianapolis, IN ( – Planned Parenthood of Indiana has suspended a second abortion center staff member after a second video in two weeks shows the official covering up a potential case of statutory rape. In total, three videos — two in Indiana and one in North Carolina — have been released in recent weeks showing similar results.

    Lila Rose, a UCLA student, is behind the two Indiana videos and her first one showed her portraying a 13-year-old girl who had become pregnant from a 31-year-old man.

    The Bloomington, Indiana Planned Parenthood staff member told Rose she "didn’t want to know any more" about the incident or the age difference between the two and, instead, urged Rose to seek an abortion in a neighboring state that didn’t require parental notification.

    The second video, taken at an Indianapolis abortion business, showed the exact same response and Planned Parenthood of Indiana said today that one of the staff members involved has been suspended.

    In a statement, Planned Parenthood said its priority was the responsible treatment of its customers and it said it will be conducting an international investigation to determine if the video is accurate and the staff members made the statement depicted in it.
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    I havent heard a word about this? (before I read this) do you have any ideal why?

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